1. Dogs are adorable and bowl us over with their playful and lovable nature. While their antiques are quite entertaining, as a pet owner you will soon realize the importance of laying down some boundaries if you want peace of mind. It is very important to lay down the rules and establish your position as the leader. Otherwise they can wreck havoc in your house. A dog kennel is a great accessory that can be used not only as a comfortable housing for your pet, but also as a tool to train your dog to solicit desired behaviours from them.

    A dog kennel can serve as a ‘time out’ zone to confine your pet for its misbehaviours. This is a great way of reprimanding your pet without having to resort to harsh punishments. Confining your pet to its kennel is just like sending your kids to their room or making them stand in a corner to think and repent for their misbehaviours. However, just like your kids, your pet too will bring on its cute face or start to whine to be let out. Keep in mind that you are the parent and resist all temptation to let out your pet from the dog kennel till the pre-specified time. Let your pet realize that you are the boss. If you are not strict and determined then you will end up with an unruly dog who misbehaves all the time. Once your pet realizes his erroneous ways you can see a marked improvement in his behaviour.

    The dog kennel can also serve as an excellent tool to potty train your dog. Just make sure that while there is sufficient space for the dog to move around its mess, the available space is not be too big for your pet to get comfortable after doing his business. Confining your pet to the dog kennel at night is a good way to start potty training, which is the first step in getting your pet house-trained.

    Another advantage of a dog kennel is that it provides you a safe and secure place to leave your pet when you are away from home. This will not only keep your pet from tearing down your favourite things or doing other mischief, but it will also give you peace of mind that your pet is safe and comfortable when you are not home. Make sure that the dog kennel is comfortable and strong enough to hold your pet.