An Overview of Dog Kennels

Dog kennels are excellent in that they provide a safe, secure and a private space for your pet. A kennel provides peace of mind to the owner in a lot of ways. Kennels help to keep your pet outside your home without having to chain them down and is also a great way of keeping your dog from being a menace to others in case they are aggressive. Dogs love to jump fence and there are horror stories about dogs getting tangled up accidentally when tied with a chain. Kennels also keep your dogs from getting into fight with other dogs, from getting diseases or even from being poisoned by troublemakers. You might consider a cage, but cages have very little space for the dog.

Guidelines and precautions to be taken while building a dog kennel:

  • Keep in mind that the kennel should protect your pet from extreme elements like snow, heat or rain.
  • Make sure to provide fresh water at all times.
  • See to it that you place a comfortable dog bed or a blanket for your pet to lie down or just sit.
  • Flooring should be done such that it protects your dog from dampness. Cement floors are best as they can keep both heat and cold away.
  • Another important thing is to see that there is enough space for your pet to stand and move about freely.

When looking for dog kennels you have a choice between a portable and permanent dog kennel. Portable kennels are best for people who travel frequently with their pets. A wide range of portable kennels are available in departmental or pet stores. These kennels come in standard sizes and are very easy to set up and dismantle. In case your pet is very large then you can make a special order to suit your pet.

Permanent dog kennels are sturdier and built to withstand a playful dogs jumping and pushing. These kennels are usually made of either aluminium screens or metal with steel posts set into the ground for stability. Mostly cement or earth floors are preferred. You can even add a dog run to provide more space for your pet to exercise and play. While custom made dog kennels might be a bit expensive they can be built to provide your pet with the ultimate comfort. Most often the company that designs the kennels will also help to install them.