1. Proper care should be taken while selecting a dog kennel as there are numerous types of kennels and not all types will be suitable for all dogs or all situations. While some dog kennels are designed exclusively for indoor usage, some are designed for outdoors and some for transporting small breeds in comfort in a vehicle. Still there are other types that are made to accommodate large breeds and some are made to withstand aggressive dogs and some to provide maximum security. Some kennels are even big enough to hold multiple dogs at a time.

    If you take the travelling or portable kennels, they can be made completely of metal or they can be made of plastic with supporting metal rods or they can even be made of fabric with zipper roof and a mesh door. These portable kennels are a great way of transporting your pet in comfort or to have them confined in places where free roaming of pets are not allowed. Make sure that you choose the right kennel that will provide both comfort and safety for your dog. Remember that while a plastic kennel is good enough to transport a small dog, kennels with more space and sturdier material is need to hold larger and aggressive breeds.

    There are also dog kennels that are designed to be used as training cages. These types of kennels are designed for indoor use and are mostly used to potty train puppies. They also serve as a place to confine the pet when he misbehaves or it can also be used to keep your pet from chewing furniture or from ruining the household stuff when you are away from home. A few episodes of solitary confinement will be enough for your pet to realise his misdeeds and you will see great improvement in his behaviour. Leaving your pet confined in a kennel at night is one way of teaching your pet to regulate his bodily functions to an acceptable schedule.

    Outdoor dog kennels are designed to keep your pet in comfort for long hours, which is excellent for dog owners who go to work and have to leave their pet unattended for prolonged periods every day. These kennels generally have wooden flooring for easy maintenance and comes with an optional dog house, runs or walk in cages which are large cages that can house multiple dogs in comfort.

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