1. A new puppy might be a bundle of joy but house training them requires a lot of patience and persistence on your part as you have to be after your pet almost all the time to see if he or she has accidentally soiled some corner of your home. But you can make this training process much easier with the help of plastic dog kennels. It’s in the nature of a dog to be drawn to den-like spaces and a plastic kennel is just right to train a puppy to think of as the only space for the pet to relieve himself.

    If you are interested in using a dog kennel then you have the option of a wire or a plastic dog kennel. Some prefer wire kennels as it is better ventilated and much easier to clean and maintain than plastic kennels.

    However, plastic dog kennels do have their own set of advantages. It is best suited to those who travel a lot, as the law states that a pet should be in a plastic kennel during travel. Moreover, many owners believe that plastic kennels provide better security and privacy for their dogs than the much exposed wire kennels.

    Before choosing a kennel for your pet, see to it that the kennel has just enough space for the puppy to stand and roll to some extent. One might think that this is much too cramped, but too much space is not advised as it might confuse the puppy and moreover, the point of using a kennel is to teach the puppy that there is only one space to relieve himself.

    Keep in mind that you will have to replace the plastic kennel that you bought to fit your puppy as your pet is going to get bigger in the near future. However, in case of wire kennels it is easier to buy a bigger one initially and restrict the space with help of dividers to suit your puppy and to adjust the space as he/she grows up. This means that wire kennels can be used for longer periods when compared to plastic dog kennels which you might have to replace eventually.

    Kennels are not just for potty training but also helps to keep the puppy from chewing and knocking off the household stuff. It is a great way to teach a puppy to respect space and property from an early stage.

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