1. If you are planning to travel and want to take your pet along then most probably you are looking to purchase a portable dog kennel. These portable kennels are designed to accommodate your pet comfortably for the duration of the travel.

    It is important that you find the right one that suits your dog and your requirements. With a little planning and attention to detail, you can find the right kennel that provides both comfort and safety.

    Your first concern should be the size. A hand held portable dog kennel might fit miniature breeds and smaller dogs but if you have a larger dog then look around a little to find one that will fit your dog comfortably. Larger kennels can be place in the back of a pickup truck or you can go for one trailer style with wheels that can be hitched to the back of your automobile.

    There are companies that specialize in custom built portable dog kennels that can be hitched to the back of a vehicle. ‘Young’s Kennels’ is a reputed company that makes custom built kennels that can accommodate more than one dog.

    Though portable kennels are very convenient for those who travel frequently with their pets, these portable kennels have their own set of hazards if due attention is not given while selecting the kennels. For instance, if you opt for a portable dog kennel that is made of wire or rubber instead of one that is made of stainless steel then there is always a possibility that your dog will chew away the kennel. It might help if you spray the kennel with a deterrent like vinegar or a solution made of bitter apples, but a rubber or even a wire kennel is quite a temptation to a dog whose nature is to chew anything that is chewable.

    While on the road, dog waste becomes a problem. It is very important to keep the kennel clean at all times as no dog likes to lay around his own mess. Make sure that you come prepared with pooper scoopers and sprays that are chemical free and which will make the clean up job much easier.

    Also make sure to provide fresh water to your pet at all times inside the portable dog kennel. Other things to take care of are to line the flooring with newspaper and taking care to provide minimal food while travelling to avoid stomach upsets due to potential motion sickness.

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