1. If you own a dog and worried about keeping him cooped up inside your house all day long while you are out or have great concerns for the safety of your pet or worried sick that he might find some way to get away from the house and land in trouble, then you should seriously consider about an outdoor dog kennel.

    Outdoor dog kennels come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials from which you can surely find one that is just perfect for your favourite pet. While you have to consider a number of factors before purchasing a kennel, your final choice will depend on the size and attitude of your dog, whether you want a permanent or potable type and your budget.

    While there are many types of outdoor dog kennels, each come with their own set of pros and cons.

    The portable kennels are great if you travel frequently with your pet. It is very easy to assemble or dismantle these portable kennels. However, these types of kennels are usually small in size as compared to permanent kennels, which means that your pet will have far less space to move about. This might not be a concern if you are intending to use the portable kennel only for travel.

    On the other hand, permanent outdoor kennels are perfect if you own a home with a spacious backyard. These kennels are usually big and strong enough to hold large breeds safe and comfortably. You can either go for a commercially available model or opt to build your own outdoor kennel to suit your needs and that of your pet.

    Before starting on the project take into account the size and the nature of your dog. If you own a small and gentle breed then a few pieces of timber with proper fencing is sufficient to hold your pet in safely. However, if you do not have any experience in carpentry or you need a sturdier structure to hold your large and aggressive dog, then it is better to get help from someone who has experience in building kennels.

    Irrespective of the type, a kennel should be designed in such a way to provide sufficient space, comfort and safety for your pet. While you might have to make some investment to build an outdoor dog kennel, your investment is essential for your peace of mind in knowing that your dog is safe and comfortable.

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